Nominated Best Actress in a Short 'I Am Neda' World Music & Independent Film Festival 2012
I Am Neda Lead Dir: Nicole Kian Sadighi
When the Lights go Down Lead Dir: Caleb Ng
Endless Past Lead Dir: Dave Tidwell
Long Days Lead Dir: Dallas Wade
The Unhappiest One Supporting Dir: Meredith Rose
Almost Kings Supporting Dir: Philipe G. Flores
The Secret Lives of Dorks Featured Dir: Salomé Breziner
Dir: Greg Auerbach
Nite Tales: The Series Under-5 Jamie Foxx
S.O.S I’m a Woman Co-Star Dir: Marina Blumenthal
Today's Day Co-Host Channel-1TV
Crystal Light Pure Fitness Voice Over Stewart Hollins
eHealth Insurance Voice Over Nick Champ
ING Direct Voice Over Stewart Hollins
The Plough and the Stars Rosie Redmond Compass Theatre
The Dutchman Directed The Brooklands
The Cherry Orchard Varya Riverside Arts Centre
Double Agent Gabrielle (Lead) Whitmore/Lindley
Junior Drake Handbags Model Handbags Junior Drake

Performing Arts Diploma, Brooklands Performing Arts, 2 years:-

Acting Techniques; Acting Improvisation; Language of Theater; Alexander Technique; Movement Studies; Dance Techniques; Dance; Singing; Language of Music.

Also organized and lead dance movement classed for the special needs and handicapped students at Brooklands college.

ADDITIONAL TRAINING Acting and Scene Study Joseph Pearlman Acting on Camera                   Dimitri Logothetis Acting and Scene Study                                      Josh Hunt                                          Artistic Renewal for the Actor                               Mark Arnold Character Development       Eugenia Buerklin The Approach                                            Tom Ardavany Acting                                    Graham Beckel
Special Skills

Standard English British, BBC British, Cockney British, Irish, Standard American, Southern American, Iranian, Middle Eastern, Italian, French, Eastern European.


Martial Arts: Krav Maga; MMA; Jujitsu.
Swimming: backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle general; snorkeling.
Tennis, Rollerblading, Ice Skating, Golf, Volleyball, Pool, Bowling, Yoga, Dance.


Stick shift (Pre-eminent driver) & automatic Driver, Revolver/Automatic, Voice Over,
Improvisation, Guitar (beginner), Singing.


Conversational French and Persian

Here are just a few of Nicole's published articles:

'Lest We Forget - A tribute to America' -

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Iran's Restive Populace, The American Thinker

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Beneath the Veil, Shofar Magazine (For English Pages 72-73)

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Change for Progress, Shofar Magazine (Pages 48-50)

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A Necropolis for the Living, Iran Press Service

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Getting to Know a Poet, Iran Press Service

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The Chinese Dream, Iran va Jahan

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Iran Awaits Liberation, The American Thinker

Pride of Persia,

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Parade of Politics,

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