"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."
- Nicole Kian Sadighi

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Nicole Kian is on fire! Since moving to L.A. she has made a name for herself to be a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. Her biggest accomplishments so far has been the success of her directorial debut 'I Am Neda', which she also starred in. Kian and the film has won awards left across the world, including a finalist the Cannes International Film Festivals American Pavilions Emerging Filmmakers. Stay tuned for more news on this rising star!

What Others Are Saying:

"I really liked 'I AM NEDA'. It really stuck with me. An important movie."- Steven Paul, CEO & President - Crystal Sky

"It premiered in competition at the Cannes Film Festival...and has been garnering awards left and right ever since... See it, and this is no wonder."- F.X. Feeney Journalist, Film Critic. L.A. Weekly, American Film, Movieline, People Magazine, Variety, Vanity Fair, Writers Guild of America

"Nicole Kian Sadighi's film honors murderer Protestor. This is the film the Iranian government doesn't want you to see. That's how Persepolis Pictures, the production company behind "I Am Neda," describes the 2012 Cannes American Pavilion finalist. A look at the trailer solidifies this claim...The film, directed by Nicole Kian Sadighi (who also plays Neda in the film), highlights the female figure's impact on human rights issues in Iran and her legacy as an instigator of the Arab Spring in the Middle East." -Katherine Brooks, The Huffington Post

"I Am Neda in world famous festival!"- Firouzeh Khatibi, BBC

"Nicole has written and directed the politically explosive film ‘I AM NEDA’. This film is on the fast track to the Oscars, and it is one that has not only caught our attention, but our full support as well."- Joseph J. O’Donnell, Editor, The Arts and Entertainment Magazine

"What women are doing now on their own, and in conjunction with other women and men, to get their unique voice out against almost impossible odds, is a miracle. Nicole Kian Sadighi has enormous talent and courage, and I hope that you will stay in touch with your news."- Margaret Chew Barringer, Founder & Chairman, American Insight

"I Am Neda a powerful movie right out of today's headlines"- George McQuade, Vice President, Mayo Communications

"I am Neda - Beyond an Icon...The film is well on its way"- Marianne Schnall, Women's Media Center, Author, Founder

"...those who are able to watch "I am Neda" can learn  about her life and celebrate her goals... an instrument of awareness about Neda's heroism and the pursuit of freedom she embodied."- Jacqueline Jackson, USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

"Neda Film Shows in Cannes"- Kevin Roderick, LA Observed

"A Quadrupole threat! You wrote, and directed it, you starred in it and you produced it. Its wonderful. Congratulations."Steven Collins

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